First Real Estate Backed Security Token

The LendingCoin is a world-class FinTech company utilizing blockchain technology to provide asset backed securities through a commercial real estate loan portfolio offering investors stability and liquidity.

Loan Efficiency & Lower Costs

Traditional lending institutions are heavily regulated, slow, inefficient and costly for commercial borrowers. The TLC model enables peer-to-peer lending globally with faster processing, no hidden fees, high security encryption and full transparency.

Grow your Portfolio

TLC enables investors the unique opportunity to have diverse interest in larger commercial real estate investments while maintaining liquidity. TLC investments are traceable on the Blockchain, providing transparency and security. TLC investors have an advantage because their shares are backed by financing of high-quality commercial property that has proven cash flow and tangible equity.

Transparency & Liquidity

Investors deposit their investment into the TLC account and in turn, receive shares (TLC tokens). TLC utilizes investments to finance low-risk loans to borrowers with a proven track record. The borrower pays back principle and interest (P&I) to TLC. TLC uses the P&I to fund operations and lending on additional real estate properties. For liquidity, investors can choose to sell any portion of their equity stake in the future on multiple exchanges.


Why Invest in The LendingCoin?


Meet the Team

Scott Graham, MBA
Mindy Ngo, MS
Marketing Officer
Cory Pugh, MBA
David Frank, MBA
Lending Officer
Phil Broadbent, JD
General Counsel
Rinaldo Hunt
Real Estate Consultant
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Steven Wieland
Nick Taylor
Outside Counsel
Richard Levin
Outside Counsel
Jeffrey Parry
Patent Attorney
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